Technical Details

This site was established by Eric Celeste for EMID Families. It runs on the PmWiki wiki engine. Please contact Eric at if you want to lend a hand in system or mailing list maintenance.

Some notes about how the site is structured follow.

Tracking Changes

You can use the RSS link in the upper right hand corner of each page to subscribe to an RSS feed of all changes to the site. Note, that feed will report all change, not only change to the page you are looking at.

Meeting Notices

I've created a group of pages called Meetings where we can put notices of future meetings and a record of each meeting. I imagine that the same page that holds the notice can also hold the record, it just gets repurposed. There is also a special page called NextMeeting which should always just (:include ...:) whichever meeting page represents the next meeting. The NextMeeting page itself is included on the HomePage.

Whew! So what does this mean?

If you want to set up a new meeting notice, create a page in the meeting group using the date of the meeting as the page name. The date should be of the form YYMMDD. So to create a meeting on 1/31/08 I would make the page 080131. Put your notice of the meeting on that page. Then use (:include Meetings/080131:) on your own pages to include this notice.


Here are some web statistics from January 2008.

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