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What's next?

Harambee Site Council: Tuesday, March 11, 5:30-8:00pm.

Crosswinds Site Council: Monday, March 3, 2008, 6:30-8:30pm.

EMID Survey's ISD 622 Residents

EMID families in 622 should get a copy of this survey in the mail. You have three choices:

In all cases, please make sure you complete this survey by March 3rd. Thanks!

Also, remember, ISD 622 membership in EMID will not change for the 2008-2009 school year. All services provided including transportation will remain the same for next year.

622 School Board votes unanimously to allow EMID to pay for July 2009 transportation.

Some urgent action by EMID families resulted in, among other things, an amendment to a resolution at the February 622 board meeting that made it clear 622 would allow EMID to reimburse the district for July 2009 student transportation. This does not mean there is a finished plan for July 2009 transportation yet, but it does leave room for EMID and 622 to work together toward such a plan.

622 School Board votes unanimously to pull out of EMID.

The Bad News: On Tuesday, 22 January 2007, the school board of district 622 voted unanimously to withdraw from the EMID collaborative. This decision will take effect on 1 July 2009. See this 622 page on the EMID website to learn more about the impact this will have on 622 families. District 622 has issued a statement about the meeting and a FAQ about the recommendation to withdraw from EMID. There has also been media coverage about the decision.

The Good News: In the week leading up to this 622 board meeting EMID families have found new ways to work together. This web site and the families mailing list are not going away. We will continue to use these tools to work with each other on the EMID/622 issue and more. Please stay tuned.

The story of EMID and 622 is far from over. This vote kicks off some frantic planning on both the EMID and 622 sides. 622 has to come up with a whole new integration plan and partners for a new collaborative before July 2009. EMID has to figure out how it will survive the blow that 622's withdrawal represents and grow stronger in the process. Certainly the demographic shift that is making the first ring suburbs of St. Paul more diverse will continue and as a result the pressure will be on for all EMID collaborators to rethink the very reasons for the integration work we do together. As families we must stay engaged and demand the best not only from our EMID staff and administrators, but from each other.

Why the rush?

See this page for some background on how fast this process has been moving. The rush has resulted in a lot of misinformation.

Call or write to the district 622 board.

Please take some time to express your concerns to the 622 board. Here is a list of their names and addresses. Here are some sample letters.

Call or write members of your own local school board.

EMID is made up of ten local school districts. Each district sends one representative to be part of the EMID joint powers board. Here is a list of the EMID board members.

Call or write your Minnesota State Representative.

Let them know that you are concerned about the future of EMID. Here is a way to find out who represents you.

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